BioFlow® Enhanced Biogas

Generator & Recovery System


  • Mitigate greenhouse gases
  • Improve wastewater quality
  • Keep effluent sludge to minimum
  • Generate renewable energy to replace the usage of fossil fuel by converting bio-available organic pollutants (dissolved & undissolved) into one single product: Excellent quality biogas with impressive methane purity.


  • Boiler
  • Power Generation
  • Bio Compresses Natural Gas (BioCNG)

Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS)

Our stable & reliable Industrial Effluent Treatment System has successfully solved many effluent discharge problems faced by palm oil mills, oleochemical and chemical manufacturers, vegetable oil refineries, paper mills and etc.

BioFlow® Polishing Plant & BioFlow® Vertex System

With the aid of BioFlow® Polishing Plant and our latest technology BioFlow® Vertex System, discharge requirement of BOD 20 is no longer a challenge for us. Most wastewater treatment plants can upgrade and increase their treatment capacity with BioFlow® without any interruption of their day–to–day operation and production schedule. Our BioFlow® Vertex System is specialised in removing heavy colored effluent to colourless discharge for ALL INDUSTRIES.

BioFlow® Integrated System

BioFlow® Integrated system comprehensively takes care of the following issues faced by most Palm Oil Mills in both Malaysia and Indonesia and convert them into ONE SINGLE PRODUCT: High Nutrients Organic Fertilizer:

  • Oil Recovery
  • Green House Gas Mitigation
  • Organic Load Reduction of POME
  • Bio-solids Management (Pumping, Dewatering & Disposal)
  • Solids Waste Management (EFB, DC & Ash)
  • POME Treatment and Polishing



Our Core Values:

Our core values set us apart from our competitors and sustain us to stand strong in the market since year 2000.

Customer Focused

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Accountable Leadership

We are committed to the success of our company through personal responsibility and leadership.

Honesty & Ethics

Our core values set us apart from our competitors and sustain us to stand strong in the market since year 2000.