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Choon Hin Environmental Sdn. Bhd has high competency in design, fabrication, construction and operation of wastewater treatment as well as recovery systems. Our wide ranging experience in wastewater treatment includes high rate Anaerobic/Aerobic biological treatment processes, submersed and packed tower biological filtration systems, physical & chemical treatment proses and membrane filtration like UF, RO and MBR. We have our own R & D and engineering facilities coupled with good laboratory support, we can offer comprehensive services and advice for our clients.

Since 2000 we have delivered environmental solutions to our clients, over the years, we have developed a proprietary resource recovery and treatment system called BioFlow® specially developed for Oil Palm processing Industries. Our treatment technology has gone through extensive field test and system refinements. It has established treatment efficiency that could solve all problems for palm oil mills. With more than 100 working systems in Malaysia and Indonesia, we are confident our BioFlow® system can provide a comprehensive solution for your waste management and recovery needs.


  • BioFlow® Polishing System
  • BioFlow® Biogas and Renewable Energy System
  • BioFlow® Composting System
  • Water and Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Water and Effluent Treatment Chemicals
  • Bio-remediation and Special Environmental Mitigation Projects
  • Advance Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis System

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